Backup system

at a university


  • 250TB SATA storage requirement
  • Continuous backup strategy (QM guideline)
  • Budget limit: up to the end of the year €50,000


  • Installation by NetApp field service
  • Hardware third party maintenance via CDS
  • Service: 3 years | 24/7 |4 h on site
  • FAS3240 incl. licenses
  • 4x DS4243 | 24x 3TB

This is what the customers say

„Miller was able to configure the required NetApp systems, including licenses and SATA shelves for us, which we received significantly faster and at more favorable prices from Miller than a comparable new system. The installation was carried out by a certified NetApp field engineers . CDS took over the hardware service and even supports us with consulting topics.“

Technical university, Hesse