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Miller Anlagen gets involved

Full commitment to our customers and partners - as well as to social issues. This is a matter close to our hearts: whether it concerns a social day at a school, an old people’s home or a donation of IT for children who have only come to Germany recently.

Learning German: computers donated

The children come from Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Bulgaria - and they have one thing in common: They still have to learn German in a special intensive class. Five PCs with accessories, donated by Miller Anlagen, now aid in reaching this goal.

School brightened up

Playground equipment cleaned, beds planted anew, walls freshly painted: the Miller Anlagen team, together with partners and families, got involved at a local school.

The elderly delighted

In a senior citizen center inhabited mainly by people in need of care, the Miller Anlagen team lent several hands. The Sinnesgarten (garden of the senses) was cleaned and replanted.

Gifts sent

For Christmas, the Miller team wrapped gifts for families in need in Bad Homburg and abroad. This is also part of our multi-faceted involvement.

Social Day in refugee shelter

When the employees of Miller Anlagen meet refugees in their community accommodation in Bad Homburg on a Saturday and this turns into a social experience –then this Social Day is a fantastic event for the sense of unity in our city.

Flüchtlingsunterkunft: Spende für Sportgeräte
Foto: Michael Schick

Donation for refugee shelter

As part of its 2015 Christmas campaign, Miller Anlagen’s donation supported the completion of the amateur football field on the Niederstedter Weg as well as the purchase of sports equipment. Find out more in the article of the Frankfurter Rundschau newspaper.