Shelf extension

for an automotive supplier


  • Storage expansion with DS4243 | 600GB | 2TB
  • No availability from the manufacturer (EOA)
  • Extending the system's service life


  • Fast and long-term delivery capability
  • Homogeneous shelf infrastructure is maintained
  • Installation by certified NetApp field service
  • 2x DS4243 | 24x 600 GB
  • 2x DS4243 | 24x 2TB

This is what the customers say

„Due to the internal life cycle management policy, we run our NetApp filers with a homogeneous shelf / disks technology. Since Miller is also able to provide a long-term delivery guarantee for this technology for our future storage extensions, we decided to extend the life cycle of the existing NetApp systems and were able to create a free budget for new investment in NetApp systems.“

Automotive supplier, Baden-Wuerttemberg