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Used NetApp



For over two decades, Miller Anlagen has been a leading international trader of pre-owned data center and workplace equipment.


We take pride in being the smarter alternative to new equipment, offering quality-tested and competitively priced solutions to meet your data center needs.

With one of the largest “used NetApp portfolios” in Europe, we support data center customers across numerous countries worldwide. Our portfolio is complemented by a range of IT services, including IT purchasing, maintenance, and certified logistics, enabling us to promote sustainability in the IT industry.

Miller Anlagen is part of the Miller Group, a 100% founder-owned enterprise operating in the market with an annual new business volume of €100+ million since 1979.

We strive to provide you with the best possible experience and value, and we look forward to partnering with you for all your data center needs.


Specialist in IT financing
Among the top 10 owner-run
leasing companies in Germany
New business: more than € 75 million
Since 1979

Global provider of data center support services and
third party support
Specialist for NetApp service
Since 2001

Leading provider of innovative services for the return of
used IT products
Data deletion, refurbishment, recycling
Since 1999

Logistics service providers


Respect | Openness | Passion

Values of the Miller Group


Regarding intelligent financing and remarketing of high-quality IT, we are the pioneer in the market as an owner-operated, financially sound company.

    • As a specialist for IT remarketing, we are the first to remarket selected, high-growth manufacturers internationally and create added value for customers, sales partners and manufacturers with competent, personal consulting and a comprehensive service.


We supply high-quality IT equipment with first-class service for second-hand data centers.

    • As a result, our customers optimize their IT investments and our sales partners their customer loyalty. We offer a wide range of branded products. Including one of the largest used NetApp portfolios in Europe with manufacturer maintenance and related services. This makes us “the low-cost NetApp alternative” and we have been market leader for over 10 years.

      In addition to other suppliers, Miller Leasing provides us with an excellent source of supply that enables our customers to use IT with traceable origin - software included!

      To experience Miller means having a reliable partner with commitment, know-how and experience at your side. Our financial strength gives us the freedom to reach our common goals. Being fast, flexible and trustworthy in attaining the common goals, that is what we are appreciated for.

      As an owner-run company, we offer a stable and interdisciplinary environment for our entire team in which everyone can count on mutual support and directly drive the company's success through personal commitment.