Short-term rental

Flexibility, security and individuality: IT rentals instead of buying!
The alternative to expensive acquisition
Work faster, more securely and worry-free - without hidden costs!

Our rental solutions are available for system, storage & networking solutions from all major vendors-
NetApp, Dell EMC, Cisco etc.:

  • Flexible Terms – as short as one week through to months and years
  • Delivery in 48-72hrs
  • Miller Anlagen configures and installs the system
  • Individual rental extension
  • Maintenance can be provided to cover the hardware during the contract, quoted separately on request
  • The option to buy or return the system back

Why rental?

You need a short rental solution for the implementation of a project? With our customizable solutions you can keep pushing your project forward.

You will win your project and you can convert the short rental to a long rental. By doing this, the system will stay in its use.

After the rental agreement is terminated you can choose to buy the system or to give it back to Miller Anlagen.